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Ashley Anderton
Mark Gwilliam is a versatile and hands-on Solutions Architect specialising in delivering highly available, high-volume, and resilient cloud solutions.
Mark Gwilliam
His extensive experience spans digital transformation, new build, and legacy integration projects across various sectors. From conception to production, Mark brings innovative and future-proof solutions to complex challenges.
Service Proposition: Agile Cloud Solutions for Resilient and Efficient Software Engineering In today's dynamic digital landscape, organisations require robust and scalable cloud solutions to stay competitive.
Our service offering includes:
Cloud Migration and Transformation: Leverage the power of the cloud by seamlessly migrating your applications and systems.
Full-Stack Development: We create end-to-end solutions that cover both the front-end and back-end components. This holistic approach ensures a seamless user experience and efficient system integration.
Agile Delivery and DevOps: Our Team is well-versed in agile delivery methodologies, enabling us to keep projects focused on delivering business value and meeting user needs. By embracing DevOps practices, we foster collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement throughout the development lifecycle.
GitOps Implementation: Implementing GitOps principles, we establish a robust and streamlined workflow for managing infrastructure and deployments. By leveraging version control and declarative configuration, we ensure consistency, traceability, and reproducibility in your cloud environment.
Scalable and Resilient Architecture: We design and implement scalable and distributed systems capable of handling high volumes of data and transactions. This ensures optimal performance, resilience, and fault tolerance, even under demanding conditions.
Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD): By implementing CI/CD pipelines, we automate the software delivery process, enabling rapid and reliable deployments.
GDS Compliance: If your organization operates within the public sector or follows GDS guidelines, we ensure strict compliance with GDS style guides, patterns, and toolkits. This guarantees that your website meets the necessary standards for usability, accessibility, and design consistency.
Establishing Development Lifecycle: Our Team works with your technical team to establish an effective development lifecycle that encompasses all phases of the software development process. By following a well-defined lifecycle, we ensure quality, efficiency, and alignment with your business goals.
We work closely with your team to align our cloud solutions with your strategic goals, ensuring a seamless integration with existing systems and workflows.
Our engagement typically follows this roadmap:
Requirement GatheringWe collaborate with you to gather detailed requirements, understanding your business goals and specific software needs.
Design and ArchitectureWe take the lead in designing the software architecture. With a focus on scalability, maintainability, and best practices, the design phase ensures that the solution aligns with your requirements and industry standards.
Development and TestingOur team of experienced engineers and developers follows industry-standard coding practices and rigorous testing methodologies. Through continuous integration and deployment, we ensure the development of reliable and high-quality software.
Deployment and IntegrationOur team works closely with your IT department to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems.
By following this roadmap, we aim to deliver a tailored and efficient software solution that meets your business needs
Our team’s expertise in software engineering, full-stack development, and agile delivery, we are well-equipped to provide you with resilient and efficient cloud solutions that drive your organisation's success.
For more information please contact Annette Banks at
annette.banks@satigo.com +44 2082 563 217
We look forward to discussing your requirements
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