About us

We are a new-era Digital Capability Partner (SME) with a mission to help public sector bodies better support UK citizens through the rapid digitalisation of critical products and services.
Our agile delivery solutions offer instant access to expert practitioners dedicated to the UK Public Sector.
Experience for yourself how Residency can empower you to become digital by default.
Meet the team
Joanne Shand
Joanne Shand
Carl Azzoo
Carl Azzoo
Operations Director
Charley Tallis
Charley Tallis
Marketing Manager
Dina Taric
Dina Taric
Head of Finance
Annette Banks
Annette Banks
Client Engagement Director
Veena Shanmugam
Veena Shanmugam
Senior Delivery Consultant
Leighanne Honey
Leigh-Ann Honey Compliance Manager
Bradwell John
Bradwell John
Delivery, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
We understand the need to deliver simple, accessible and cost-efficient solutions that are scalable for the future.

Our team of public sector experts will work closely with you to build the right capability to deliver your critical digital services. We pride ourselves in adding value and becoming a trusted partner.
SocIAL VALUE pledge
We recognise our part to play in tackling inequalities and providing support to underrepresented groups. That’s why Residency is committed to giving back to local communities and those in need wherever we can. From getting involved in local community projects, to providing access to training, we are striving to boost social mobility, collective well-being, and environmental protection.
  • Charity partnerships
  • CAREER workshops
  • local community PROJECTS
  • Mentoring services
With a shared belief that technology and innovation can be used for good, we’re prioritising social value to create a brighter future for all.
DDAT experts2
DDAT experts1
Residency Specialists
UK-wide coverage
We understand now more than ever the vital role digital services play in connecting communities across the UK. To respond to these changing trends, the onus is on government departments to adopt an agile approach.
Residency Specialists2
Our specialist DDAT community is primed to respond to the business demands of today, whilst providing succession plans for the future.
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