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Alan Mckinty
Delivery Manager
With over 25 years of experience in technical and agile delivery of Digital Solutions, Alan specialises in the end to end delivery of software development and IT transformations. He has successfully delivered projects for government, blue chip, and FTSE 100 organizations.
Alan McKinty
Highly skilled in delivery management methods, tools, and practices, he has expertly coordinated complex, high-value projects, ensuring timely and quality results. As an agent for change, his strengths include problem-solving, stakeholder management, and strong leadership.
Alan holds Prince2 Practitioner, and Agile Practitioner Certifications.
Delivery Management Services for Public Sector
At the core of every successful public sector organisation lies a dynamic and efficient delivery management system. We recognise that an effective delivery management process not only requires exceptional technical abilities but also necessitates a team that is cohesive, adaptable, and driven by a shared purpose.
We understand the challenges within the public sector
Capacity challenges
Lack of specialist knowledge
Delivering within budget and on time
Our highly experienced, results-driven agile delivery management services support organisations to deliver high quality outcomes, faster and more cost effectively. We have the knowledge to support your teams to design, build and deploy high quality future-proofed digital services for your customers.
Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of each organisation, where requirements will be assessed by our experienced delivery managers in the following way:
Streamlined delivery processes and efficient resource allocation
Enhanced communication and collaboration
Development of robust project management and problem-solving skills
Establishment of a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and adaptability
Proactive risk management and crisis response capabilities
Proactive risk management and crisis response capabilities
By partnering with us, organisations can expect to achieve:
Best in breed agile delivery management practices
Expert stakeholder management
Aligned staff development with industry best practices and professional standards
Robust project governance, (end to end)  and risk management
Our approach is centred around understanding each organisation's unique context and needs.
With a proven track record of success working with public sector organisations we are confident in our ability to drive projects for maximum benefits.
Our typical agreement roadmap includes:
Delivery AssessmentA comprehensive evaluation of your organization's current delivery management processes, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement..
Needs AnalysisWe develop a thorough understanding of your organization's specific needs and challenges, establishing the foundation for a tailored and targeted solution.
Strategy DevelopmentWorking collaboratively with your team, we create a bespoke delivery management strategy, focusing on tangible actions and measurable outcomes
Program ImplementationWe support your organisation in executing the devised strategy, providing guidance, resources, and tools to ensure the successful achievement of your goals.
Together, we can empower your team to excel in delivery management and drive public sector success.
For more information please contact Annette Banks at
annette.banks@satigo.com +44 2082 563 217
We look forward to discussing your requirements
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