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Vetting Our Retained Consultant will validate your technical capability and work closely with our inhouse teams to build a expert profile with your skills and project preferences.
We’ll share the most suitable projects and work closely with you throughout the process. Our compliance function ensures onboarding activities are processed within 5 days.
Engagement A comprehensive Project Kick Off call will fully equip you to start your engagement seamlessly. Our community builders will support you throughout your engagement.
Post-EngagementOur community builders work closely with our PMO function to maintain a live resource schedule which manages your project availability live, keeping you engaged on projects.
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I was provided superb support throughout my early engagement and onboarding with Residency; I never had to ask any questions - the team was always proactive in reaching out to me to ensure I had everything I needed. They are extremely efficient and professional-- the Residency in-house team took care of all engagement onboarding processes on my behalf, allowing me to hit the ground running and focus on delivering my services.”Agile Delivery Manager
Residency by SATIGO are a highly professional organisation to be part of. They are incredibly proactive and supportive of their Consultants, allowing them to concentrate on the delivery of quality services.  Communication has been great, always positive and friendly making the Residency team a pleasure to work with.
I’d thoroughly recommend  becoming a Residency Consultant!
GDS Consultant
Residency has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, organisation, and communication throughout the engagement of my service delivery. The Residency on boarding process is smooth and well organised enabling me to start delivering services as soon as possible in compliant way.  The Residency team has been fantastic!
Power BI Consultant
Residency by SATIGO have provided me with superb support throughout my entire engagement and onboarding was stress free as they handled everything, allowing me to just get on with delivering the services! The Residency team proactively check in to ensure I have everything I need and that delivery is running smoothly. Residency are extremely efficient and professional - yet really approachable and friendly.GDS Communications Consultant
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